Golden Bag

Golden Bag - Ecommerce Store Of Elite Leather Bags

Modern online store of leather luxury handbags and accessories developed with Western and European standards

After researching the client’s niche, we developed a full-fledged western functional and marketing design and features for the product’s effectiveness. Our team excluded the moment of guessing the value of new and incomprehensible to the inexperienced user in UX/ Website interactive elements.

Features Description

Pleasant combination of colors, correctly emphasized accents, intuitive menu and division of the catalog into female and male – all of this makes a really stylish first screen and convenient for the visitor from the first seconds.
Such visualized menu saves the most time of a person – he immediately sees what he needs, and does not spend precious seconds searching for the desired category.
Convenience is a very important characteristic. A registered user with such detailed menu will feel comfortable on the site, because it allows keep everything “at hand”.
Hover product card allows you to see the product description, reviews, and also provides the opportunity to add it to favorites, to compare, or immediately buy in one click. Compactness - first of all.
Catalog visualization for any taste. The ability to modify the way, how information is presented in the catalog, makes it even more convenient and versatile. The first view is in the form of cards, arranged in the form of “tiles”.
And the second kind of catalog – in a list mode. It is also possible to adjust, how much you want to see products on the page – 25, 50 or 100.
Oh, it's hot! The block with hot offers is located right in the middle of the catalog – so that the visitor does not miss a really advantageous offer.
The product card allows you to find out everything about the selected item – appearance, material, size, color… In all details. All this will help to make the right purchase, which you do not have to regret later.
There is a section with reviews in the product card, which further reduces the risk of making an incorrect purchase – after all, exactly in the reviews other people’s opinion is very important. Especially if the review was provided with video and photo materials.
There is a selection of reviews on various products of the store on the home page. Random feedback sometimes helps to understand exactly what you need.
Blog leads organic SEO-traffic to the site – that is potential buyers. And also helps visitors of the site with useful articles, for example, about special care for the purchased products of the store or about choosing the optimal version of the product specifically for your requirements.
The basket is always nearby, at any time you can look into it and see the total amount of the proposed order. You can remove a product in one click or buy two or three of its units.
The internal structure of the basket is compact, and instead of the long form is given in the form of three stages of purchase, flowing into each other. Say "No!" to long forms.
Sometimes it happens that the desired product on the site is not available. Then a convenient form comes to the aid, if the user completes it, he will receive notifications about the new receipt of the goods on the site.


The final design concept is difficult to develop from the first time without any changes. Often happens that the first design and the final approved version are completely different. Here you see the first trial version of the site, with a more restrained color palette.
And here you can see how the catalog and the goods card looked in the first version.