So, who is Rasim Nadzhafov? Delve into my 11+ years of versatile IT experience.

Experience, work history, CV of Rasim Nadzhafov - an IT Project/Product Manager


Hello there! My name is Rasim Nadzhafov.


As a seasoned Project/Product Manager and PMO Lead, I bring over a decade of IT industry experience, with seven of those years honing Agile and traditional Project/Product Management skills. I’ve led and advised top companies across various sectors, delivering projects successfully with my expertise in managing remote and distributed teams. My background in both tech and business allows me to bridge gaps and align objectives, ensuring a perfect fusion of creativity, technology, and industry knowledge to benefit your brand.


Having managed several international products and large teams (up to 50 people), I excel at establishing workflows from scratch and optimizing existing processes. I possess a deep understanding of the development life cycle and monetization mechanisms across a variety of IT products, including but not limited to Web, E-commerce, Fintech, Healthcare, and Gaming.


I am well-versed in Agile and Waterfall frameworks such as Scrum and Kanban. I’m a trained Professional Scrum Master with a high proficiency in Jira & Atlassian products, among other task tracking apps. I also have substantial experience in Business Analysis, utilizing design thinking methods like A/B testing, User Testing, Analytics, and Market Research to make data-driven decisions.


In the span of my career, I’ve gained extensive design knowledge, including 5+ years of UX/UI design experience. This enables me to create intricate wireframes and prototypes, regardless of complexity. I’ve served in key creative leadership roles, managing entire creative departments, and mentoring PM teams.


As an entrepreneur who ran my own development company with distributed teams for four years, I’ve garnered valuable top management experience. Plus, I have a particular passion for game design and development, keeping a keen eye on the latest industry trends.


In summary, I am a seasoned professional equipped to strengthen your PM team, delivering successful projects and fostering seamless collaboration between business and technical personnel. I look forward to the opportunity to bring my varied and deep expertise to your organization.


Methodologies Expertise:

In my toolkit of methodologies, I’ve worked with a spectrum of Agile frameworks including Scrum, Kanban, custom “Scrumban”, SAFe, Lean, and Six Sigma DMAIC. Additionally, I have experience with Design-thinking, the Shape Up method, Feature Driven Development, Behavior Driven Development, Test Driven Development, and the fixed scope Waterfall model.


⚙️Toolbox Essentials:

⌚️For planning, tracking, and estimation, I utilize platforms like Jira, Trello, Asana, Redmine, MeisterTask, Ganttpro, Lucidchart, and a variety of planning poker apps and time trackers (such as WebWork and Hubstaff). For roadmap planning, I use tools like Roadmap Planner, ProductPlan, Monday, Roadmunk, Microsoft Office, MS Project, Google Docs, Evernote, and Google Calendar.

🎨UX/UI Design: I work with tools such as Moqups, Figma, Balsamiq Mockups, Axure, Photoshop, Adobe XD, LottieFiles

📈Analytical: I use Google Analytics, Amplitude, HotJar, Usertesting, Google Trends, Typeform, Inspectlet, Amplitude, Geckoboard, GoodData, Google Forms, IdeaScale, Helio, Lookback, Optimizely, and Usabilla.

📈SEO: I utilize tools like Hrefs, Semrush, Google Search Console, GeoClever, Keyword Planner, and Key Collector.

📄Documentation: I manage documentation via Confluence, Notion, Gitlab, Wiki, and more.

📁Repositories: Repositories are managed through Gitlab, Bitbucket, Github, and Jenkins..

🖥️Server/Hosting management: I use tools like cPanel, Vesta, and ISPConfig

💬Communications: my arsenal includes Slack, Email, Telegram, Whatsapp, Viber, Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams.


CMS expertise:

Magento 1/2 (CE&EE), Opencart 1/2/3, Shopify, Prestashop, WordPress (+WooCommerce), Joomla, Bigcommerce, Drupal, WIX.


My qualities:
Continuously self-developing, ethical, empathetic, adaptable, hard-working, responsible, proactive, sociable, creative, enduring, attentive, purposeful, and resourceful.

With substantial involvement in international exhibitions and conferences, I've represented companies at industry-leading events like ICE London 2020 (ICE Totally Gaming). As an exhibitor, I showcased products developed under my leadership to existing and potential global B2B clients, while also gathering market trends and client feedback. This input is translated into technical tasks and user stories, ensuring our products remain relevant and timely.
I'm a true generator of creative, useful & profitable ideas with knowledge of how these ideas can be implemented with minimal cost. Relationships with clients and high quality of service are my top priorities. From prototyping to full IT management. I know how to raise, grow, and expand a business through the best digital solutions.


Chief Technology & Product Officer
TEN.gg - Gaming Business Platfrom: Job board, ATS, Service Marketplace, B2B Directory
Dec 2021 - Now

Combining two roles of a Chief Technical Officer and a Chief Product Officer, I’m playing the role of intermediary between the technical, product, and business worlds. TEN is a colossal IT startup in the video gaming industry with products for recruitment, service marketplace, business directory built on microservice cloud architecture in the BFF API gateway realization.

My duties:

— Guiding products from conception to production;

— Software product delivery management;

— Conduct research, understand customers and market;

— Design sessions and prototyping;

— Technical writing and documentation;

— Creating and maintaining technical policies and its optimization;

— Ideation and generation of user-centric features and their monetization plan development;

— Roadmapping and release plan management.

Project Manager / Business Analyst
Company: eTeam
Jan 2021 - Jan 2022

I worked from scratch with a Low Code Platform that gives the ability to business managers to easily create their own sophisticated business & analytics apps without involving the IT department. Also, my second team developed and launched a unique woman health & tracker app on App Store and Google Play.

My duties:

– Translate high-level product requirements into feature specs;

– Interact closely with a development team by leading product development and customer integration activities;

– Define the technical product strategy and roadmap;

– Conduct presentations and demonstrate the product to stakeholders;

– Project timeline and risk management;

– Agile-preaching with all related activities;

– People management;

– Work with the documentation;

– Conduct discovery phases, researches, and estimations for various projects

– Interviewing, technical screening, cooperation with a recruitment team;

– Participation in testing, verification of features;

– Performance and budget management;

– Troubleshooting and problem-solving;

– Conduct knowledge sharing

Project / Product Delivery Manager
Company: MOHIO Sports GmbH
April 2019 – December 2020
Lviv / Linz

I’m in charge of the full cycle of product & project management with all kinds of proactivity. I manage company products that operate in 35 countries around the world: B2B CRM, games, and all related betting/gambling software products for online, self-service terminals, and land-based distribution channels. Also, I lead the 3-rd party integrations. Besides, I make industry research, develop UX and detailed wireframes, lead brainstorms, cooperate with stakeholders from Austria & partners from all over the world, invent new functionality which cover all the business needs and testing products. I optimize all work processes and the value of each user story by prioritizing them.

– I manage several teams. 15 specialists from Ukraine and a few from Austria/Germany: Front-End (React/Knockout JS), Back-End (Java: Spring/Ninja), and UX/UI.

– I have integrated Agile into the company – Scrum/Kanban and continuously improve all workflows. Also I manage Jira and implemented notifications through slack and customized useful bots
– Product\Release planning and support
– I participate in some pre-sales jointly with top management
– Testing products, tasks, and functionality

– I participated as an exhibitor in the world’s biggest exhibition in the gaming industry ICE London 2020. I represented the company and all its products developed under my leadership/management to existing partners and to new potential b2b clients from all over the world

– I develop, prepare and conduct my own various trainings for teams on such topics: Agile (Scrum, Kanban), UX Design, BA, Release Management, SEO

– I’m involved in the corporate site SEO and research-based copywriting (English & Russian) and I have top results without investing in a promotion.
– I help the Head Office with recruitment
– I introduce and implement new ideas to improve productivity and to increase company income

Founder, CEO, Creative Director
Company: Bastard Studio
December 2015 – May 2019
All over the world

Bastard Studio is the outsourcing company founded by me and my partners are currently and permanently engaged in this business. In the past I was engaged in full management of the studio: implementation of projects, conduct negotiations with clients, calculate budgets, search, hire and train remote employees, сonclude contracts & partnerships with companies. Also, I’ve been in charge of the creative direction. The company is a fully automated business with passive income for my side.

– My knowledge of UX/UI-design and its trends helps me to create an easy and comfortable workflow for any complexity projects for small and big brands. In such a wide range from landing page to dating service.

– I successfully coached UX/UI designers and PMs by my personal method to reborn them into high-level specialists of the creative sphere.

– I write research articles based on my experience, analytics and the experience of users who gave me feedback. You can find these articles in a blog of Bastard Studio and in my self-brand/personal blog Rasim.pro.


– I advised about the creation of promotional & corporate sites, E-Commerce and positioning in some issues of the brand such major brands aggregator as Global Spirits — a world leader, international alcohol holding with a portfolio of brands such as Vodka Khortytsa, Morosha, Pervak, Khor, Leaf, Shustoff, etc, Wine Oreanda and Mikado.
Also, I worked with Case Library – unique book-like case brand which I helped to develop from scratch., MigVapor – one of the biggest vape products provider in the USA, Capezio – legendary world manufacturer of dance products.

– Strong partnership with several marketing and development companies such as Lead Point, BBF Media, Zlodei, СaseStudy, Shturman, Navix, Lidery Mneniy, Lapitsky Media Network, Troyash

– I’ve set up fully automated for my side business with passive income

– Several clients have left feedback about working with me in their video reviews on our website.

Senior IT Project Manager
Company: Absolute Web Services
September 2018 – February 2019
Miami/ZP Office

– I led major projects of famous brands such as MigVapor and Capezio and helped them develop E-Commerce on Magento 1 and 2 platforms (Community and Enterprise) in the US market. The income of my clients is constantly growing.
– I manage several teams. 35+ specialists: Front-End, Back-End, and UX/UI. I follow each stage of product development so that it is of the highest quality and effective. No detail passes by me. I work very closely with Front-End developers and Web designers on the appearance, design, details, wireframes, UX/UI.
– I collect reports for clients, I watch productivity in teams
– Release Planning and Post-Release Project Support
– I help HR with IT staff recruitment
– I constantly come up with new ideas to improve efficiency and implement them in the company
– The job was 6-months temporary contract until projects closure

My achievements:
– I created a completely new JIRA workflow that increased productivity and efficiency for the entire company.
– I conduct trainings in various fields, such as SEO, JIRA, UX/UI
– I have organized monthly meetings among developers and designers
– I have been trained as a Magento Solution Specialist

Creative Director
Company "Shturman"​ / Digital Agency
September 2017 – September 2018
ZP Office

I personally have successfully led more than 80 projects of the company, except internal projects. I conducted consultations and brand development for major high-level brands, different products, and projects. I led & supported a multitude (up to 20) of company projects, control the work of PM’s, work with designers, SEO & PPC specialists, Frontend & Backend developers. Worked with clients, supported a high level of service, and conducted negotiations with top managers. Crisis management of the company and large projects. Conducted trainings for teams and trained/coached project managers. Experience in managing company up to 50 specialists.

Senior Project Manager & UX Designer
February 2017 – September 2018

I successfully managed several company teams and led a large number of projects, up to 20.
Daily negotiations with customers, both online and in person. Also, I was involved in pre-sale processes.
I engaged in a development and creation of high-detailed wireframes/prototypes. The construction of logical and the correct UX-architecture, which effectively leads a user to a target action. Development of the simplest user journey flow on a website, depending on a target audience of a client. Control the construction of visual communications of an end-user with the product. I led internal projects. Release and post-launch support.
Experience in managing teams of up to 15-35 people.
I have experience in developing (managing and wireframing) online builders, e-commerce products, social networks, corporate sites, web services, marketplaces, dating sites, mobile apps. Projects implemented on the local & international market.

I used methodology: Waterfall and Agile: Scrum, Kanban.
In the workflow, we used: Jira, Trello, Slack, etc.
I know HTML, CSS, a bit PHP, and JS and I used it
I worked with the frameworks: Yii, Laravel, AngularJS, React.
I worked with CMS WordPress, Opencart, Magento, etc.

A few achievements:
When there were sharp mass dismissals of incompetent project managers in the company without transferring projects, I took all their crisis projects on my own, and in total, I had more than 20 projects with unfriendly customers and burning / already burnt deadlines. I’m successfully closed all projects, worked in overtime until late at night.

I cut company costs and relieved the stress from the dev department by attracting & integrating outsourcing.

Product Manager / UX Desinger
Company: Expat Laws Foundation / IT Tropico
September 2016 – June 2017
Phuket, Thailand - Remote

I managed a few company products simultaneously, but the main product was Expat Laws Foundation,
The meaning and the goal of this product: Any Internet user can read actual laws for foreigners and easily find lawyers in any country in his language.
– Delivery Map Service is the second product that is based on the volunteering of Internet users and their recommendations regarding the institutions which deliver something to your home/any address.
– The third product was similar to some kind of Political Exchange Platform with petitions aggregator (parser).
– I was involved in the process of developing a business plan, naming, hiring teams, scrum integration, interfacing service functionality / wireframing-prototyping
I managed 3 outsource teams and cooperated directly with CEO and stakeholders, made marketing and customer-based researches, led brainstorms, product backlog, sprint planning, sprint reviews, daily meetings, retrospectives, collect reports.
-Testing products interface and functionality.
– Searched and conducted negotiations with potential partners

Business Development Manager
Company: SVOI Inc.
May 2016 – September 2016
Greater Los Angeles Area

I worked with customer reputation, data research (include mining & entry), call center, search customers and partners, the conclusion of contracts, working with the different CRMs. Also, I was involved in developing and researching sales scripts for a call center. The job was on the basis of a short-term contract.

IT & PR Director / Webmaster
Companies: Lapitsky, Zlodei, Bloggers Media Networks BBF Media,
October 2015 – November 2016
All over the world

– I worked with many famous bloggers (YouTube, Twitch, Instagram).
– We negotiated with customers and created advertising integrations, commercials, pre-rolls, and post-rolls.
– I developed websites for a few of the most popular Media Ad Networks in CIS.
– Supervised contractors: designers, copywriters, animators, web designers, and SEO-experts
– Worked on advertising projects, promo campaigns and integrations with partners and clients from different companies.
– PR-management

SEO expert, IT Project Manager, Webmaster, Copywriter
August 2010 – September 2016
All over the world

– I was engaged in international (Europe, CIS, The USA) freelance work in the field of creating websites on the CMS Opencart and WordPress, other CMS, and developing CSS/HTML layout.
– I optimized websites for SEO and was engaged in link building
– I wrote articles: regular copywriting, SEO articles, advertising texts and a series of full-fledged PR articles
– Work and make changes/edits on HTML, CSS, JS, and PHP
– Hosting and domain management
– During my work on a freelance, I got a lot of experience and expertise in many IT and business-related fields and I gathered specialists from IT and creative direction and became their manager.
– Founded an outsourcing team of remote IT and creative specialists

Organization: Caritas Internationalis
January 2015 – June 2016

Humanitarian aid:

I worked in the American Caritas project – OFDA with internally displaced persons. These people affected by the war in the South-East of Ukraine. Psychological assistance, registration, and support for newcomers and socially vulnerable IDPs. Communication and assessment according to various criteria to determine the necessary assistance (finances, supplement, aid) to affected families or an individual. Housing monitoring. Preparing for the winter program. Market pricing monitoring and research. Working trips and business trips to work with immigrants throughout Ukraine, including front-line zones such as Mariupol and the rest of the Donetsk region. I worked in the mobile team, and on the hotline of Caritas Ukraine. Called for the purpose of monitoring or alerts, invitations to those who received a cash grant. Setting up and updating company iPads, as well as other equipment.

I significantly strengthened my skills and knowledge of psychology: behaviorism, physiognomy, and the psychology of manipulation. I came up with an idea and began to engage in information management: notification through social networks about new projects, which significantly increased awareness among the affected population (IDPs) and reduced the same type of calls to the organization’s hotline. This freed up many social workers to more efficiently accept IDPs and not create crowds.

We helped more than hundreds of thousands of victims of the humanitarian crisis and military conflict in Ukraine.

As the founder and manager of my own IT company for over 4 years, I successfully built and led a dedicated team. During this time, I established long-term partnerships and implemented automation processes to streamline and enhance business operations.
I've provided advisory services and cooperated with renowned brands including Babylon Park, Eden Leisure, Global Spirits, Capezio, Migvapor, Case Library, and more.
I'm experienced in integrating and implementing Agile frameworks such as Scrum and Kanban across different teams. Additionally, I hold a Professional Scrum Master (PSM) certification.
I'm proficient in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, and JQL and partially in Python. Also, I hold a degree in Software Engineering, equipping me with a solid foundation in the field.
I have experience in developing and maintaining various projects, including E-commerce, Marketplace, Job Board, Low Code, AI, ATS, CRM, Web Service, Dating Site, E-Learning, Social Network, Corporate Site, Promo Landing, Betting/Gambling Software, Gaming Products, B2B, and B2C products.
I've led monolith and microservice projects using Next.js / React / Angular / Knockout / Vue on the frontend and Node.js / Java / Laravel / YII2 / Symphony on the backend, and more.
I have extensive experience with Magento (EE & CE) and various CMS platforms such as WordPress (including Woocommerce), Opencart, Prestashop, Shopify, Joomla, and Drupal.
I've managed teams involved in game & software development, specializing in both the field of betting/gambling and classic game development. My responsibilities have encompassed game design and overall project management.
I possess expertise in UX/UI design and creative directing, with a focus on market research and managing UX/UI/motion designers. I've successfully overseen projects involving user experience, interface design, and motion graphics.
Since 2012, I have honed my expertise in SEO, SMM, and Marketing, complemented by a degree in PR & Advertising. I excel in optimizing websites for search engines, particularly in achieving top rankings for low-frequency and mid-range queries.
I bring over 12 years of experience in the IT industry.
I have an impressive track record of delivering over 300 successful projects, products, and business cases.
Serhii Snesar
Founder of UDI Digital Agency
I'm familiar with Rasim and have been working for 4 years already, during this time we have become friends and jointly carry out many great projects. I recommend Rasim as the coolest specialist in brand, design and whole IT development - he does it all at the highest level of quality. For all the time working with him, there have never been torn deadlines, dissatisfied customers or worthless designs. I see how magnificently he communicates with clients, and how clients respond about him. Thank you for making excellent results to people and for me being really not ashamed to recommend you.
Denys Sviatokum
Co-Founder & Executive Director at FitEat & Woman Reself
I liked working with Rasim Nadzhafov and his team, because they really very quickly and promptly respond to all requests, readily adapt to new requirements. As a result, we received a high quality product. The more companies like they will be on a market, the business results will be much better than today.
Lara German
Founder & CEO at Lara German Architecture & Design
Rasim has developed a beautiful and wonderful site for our company. I have a lot of experience working with designers and many of that is negative, which was absolutely not in working with Rasim, because the work was done efficiently, quickly and even he did more than we thought. Many thanks to Rasim! I recommend him to everyone!
Oliver Stone
Owner of Goldenbag
I'm glad I found real professionals. They made a comfortable, nice looking and very effective online store. I will cooperate with these guys again and again. Separately, I want to thank the head of studio Rasim Nadzhafov for personal control over the development of the site architecture and its implementation. I recommend Bastard Studio to everyone, of course, except my competitors:)
Nik Khabuliani
Founder And CEO at BBF Media - Bloggers Agency
I needed help creating a SEO optimized site. Rasim did everything in beauty, everything works, everything is super, there is still support for the site. Rasim promptly helps to resolve any issues and tasks. I'm pleased with everything. Who needs a good website, Rasim with his team will help.
Hans Peter Wolff
CTO at nedyx software GmbH, a SaaS based Low Code software startup.

I worked with Rasim for about one year, and enjoyed our collaboration very much. He has a very professional approach, is highly reliable in every aspect, and has great communication and collaboration skills, effectively applied in our multi-regional team. As a project manager, he kept the project running and ensured that we achieved more than expected during this time. In addition, I can't remember a colleage with shorter response times in my career.

Andreas Neubauer
Founder & CEO at MOHIO Sports GmbH

I have known and worked with Rasim for over one and a half year and consider him to be highly professional, dynamic and proactive as well as imaginative and resourceful. I have often been impressed with the creativity and alacrity he displays when tackling difficult problems and tasks. I can honestly say it is a pleasure to know and work with Rasim.

Eugene Lapitsky
Celebrity Agent, Digital Advertising Producer – Lapitsky TM

I ordered design, development, and SEO optimization of many websites, also branding, and other design solutions from Rasim. In every case, I received good support, adequate price, and high-quality work. Also, we both worked on a few interesting projects with famous bloggers. I'm very pleased to work together with Rasim - he is an experienced professional with a high level of empathy, who finds optimal and creative solutions for any request or even a whole IT/PR project and perfectly organizes the work of his teams.

Mykola Zinchenko
Vice Chief Executive Officer at Arsani Auction house

It was a great time when we started to deal with Bastard Studio under Rasim's governance. In 2018 Rasim developed the website landing page www.arsani.art for our Arsani Auction House. It was a creative work and client-oriented relation all the time. So in two years Arsani auction CEO decided to make a language localization for that website and we contacted Rasim with an ask for help to assist with that. So Rasim reacted operatively and we got an immediate support on this request and now thanks to Rasim and his team we have a website that is understood on 3 languages. With Best Regards,

Ranks and certifications
Google Project Management Specialization

I earned Google Project Management Specialization certificate

Verification link

Professional Scrum Master

I've earned PSM 1 certificate by Scrum.org and passed professional scrum master training and earned specialization. I've successfully implemented Agile frameworks from scratch in several companies.

PSM 1 verification link & Specialization verification link

Algorithms and Machine Learning certifications by Standford

I've got Algorithms and Machine Learning certificates by grading Standford University courses.

Algorithms Verification link

Blockchain Verification link

Blockchain certification by New York & Buffalo universities

I got my basic blockchain certification from The State University of New York & University at Buffalo. I've conducted discovery phases and led blockchain projects.

Verification link

Advanced English Level

I've got C1-C2 level certificates and can speak/write English fluently

Verification link

Google Marketing Certification

I've earned Google Marketing certification

Verification link

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