Multiple teams management. Up to 50 contractors. Complex implementation of IT solutions
Finished projects
Years of successful work
Customers are contacting repeatedly


Here you can see some non-NDA examples of my work
A case about how we managed to support our homeland Ukraine in the unprovoked war started by russia.
A meme of dancing African pallbearers Coffin Dance was sold at an NFT auction for a record amount of 1,047,806 dollars (327 ETH). It's important to note that 25% of the proceeds, according to the prescribed conditions of the smart contract, were sent to the “Come back alive” charity fund to help the Ukrainian military.
Composition Course Landing Page
I developed UX/UI of the promo landing website for a course about composition in an interior design conducted by a premium top designer - Lara German.
Selling landing page that represents all the MOHIO Products
I developed UX/UI Design, prepared and edit all videos and images, wrote texts, and managed the development part. This landing page improved sales processes and made the company commercial offer transparent and clear for all potential b2b partners and clients.
Clean and smooth E-Mail service
I managed the development process of the mail inbox product: Market Research, Competitive Analysis, Wireframing, UI Design, A/B Testing, Front-end and Back-end programming, QA/Testing. In this project, we achieved an easy user flow with a clear understanding of each element and action.


I adapt to the context of your industry and propose the symbiosis of creative thinking, modern technologies, and vast experience for the benefit of your brand. I define and convert business needs into technical requirements and provide product vision. Let me introduce my experience in the IT field for the last 11+ years.


With over a decade of professional experience in IT, I have successfully navigated diverse industries and sectors, building an expansive repertoire of skills. Below are the key areas in which I have cultivated deep expertise.
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I excel in transforming business needs into technical tasks, conducting market research, optimizing workflows, prioritizing tasks/stories, integrating Agile methodologies, and managing multiple teams and products simultaneously.
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As the lead for the creative department, I've steered local and international brands to success through strategic advisory. My scope includes brand enhancement, promotional campaigns, advertising strategies, corporate design, and e-commerce development. My role was integral in top-tier creative management.
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Boasting over five years in UX design, I excel in crafting complex, effective wireframes, building user-friendly UX architectures, and guiding users through intuitive journeys towards target actions. My oversight ensures seamless visual communications between end-users and products.
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Since beginning my SEO studies in 2012, I've kept abreast of search engine algorithm updates and SEO trends. Leveraging this knowledge, I effectively apply cutting-edge strategies to practical SEO management.
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Drawing on my degree in Advertising and Public Relations, I craft and implement marketing strategies and ad campaigns. My expertise spans managing YouTube/Twitch and other influencer collaborations, and facilitating effective media communications. This unique in our time blend of education and hands-on experience results in comprehensive and dynamic marketing management.
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Equipped with profound knowledge of gamification and the game development lifecycle, I stay current with industry trends, attend key events, and master evolving game mechanics and engines. My experience spans betting/gambling game products, software, and indie-game development, reflecting a comprehensive understanding of the gaming sphere.
Denys Sviatokum
Co-Founder & Executive Director at FitEat & Woman Reself
I liked working with Rasim Nadzhafov and his team, because they really very quickly and promptly respond to all requests, readily adapt to new requirements. As a result, we received a high quality product. The more companies like they will be on a market, the business results will be much better than today.
Serhii Snesar
Founder of UDI Digital Agency
I'm familiar with Rasim and have been working for 4 years already, during this time we have become friends and jointly carry out many great projects. I recommend Rasim as the coolest specialist in brand, design and whole IT development - he does it all at the highest level of quality. For all the time working with him, there have never been torn deadlines, dissatisfied customers or worthless designs. I see how magnificently he communicates with clients, and how clients respond about him. Thank you for making excellent results to people and for me being really not ashamed to recommend you.
Lara German
Founder & CEO at Lara German Architecture & Design
Rasim has developed a beautiful and wonderful site for our company. I have a lot of experience working with designers and many of that is negative, which was absolutely not in working with Rasim, because the work was done efficiently, quickly and even he did more than we thought. Many thanks to Rasim! I recommend him to everyone!
Oliver Stone
Owner of Goldenbag
I'm glad I found real professionals. They made a comfortable, nice looking and very effective online store. I will cooperate with these guys again and again. Separately, I want to thank the head of studio Rasim Nadzhafov for personal control over the development of the site architecture and its implementation. I recommend Bastard Studio to everyone, of course, except my competitors:)
Nik Khabuliani
Founder And CEO at BBF Media - Bloggers Agency
I needed help creating a SEO optimized site. Rasim did everything in beauty, everything works, everything is super, there is still support for the site. Rasim promptly helps to resolve any issues and tasks. I'm pleased with everything. Who needs a good website, Rasim with his team will help.
As the founder and manager of my own IT company for over 4 years, I successfully built and led a dedicated team. During this time, I established long-term partnerships and implemented automation processes to streamline and enhance business operations.
I've provided advisory services and cooperated with renowned brands including Babylon Park, Eden Leisure, Global Spirits, Capezio, Migvapor, Case Library, and more.
I'm experienced in integrating and implementing Agile frameworks such as Scrum and Kanban across different teams. Additionally, I hold a Professional Scrum Master (PSM) certification.
I'm proficient in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, and JQL and partially in Python. Also, I hold a degree in Software Engineering, equipping me with a solid foundation in the field.
I have experience in developing and maintaining various projects, including E-commerce, Marketplace, Job Board, Low Code, AI, ATS, CRM, Web Service, Dating Site, E-Learning, Social Network, Corporate Site, Promo Landing, Betting/Gambling Software, Gaming Products, B2B, and B2C products.
I've led monolith and microservice projects using Next.js / React / Angular / Knockout / Vue on the frontend and Node.js / Java / Laravel / YII2 / Symphony on the backend, and more.
I have extensive experience with Magento (EE & CE) and various CMS platforms such as WordPress (including Woocommerce), Opencart, Prestashop, Shopify, Joomla, and Drupal.
I've managed teams involved in game & software development, specializing in both the field of betting/gambling and classic game development. My responsibilities have encompassed game design and overall project management.
I possess expertise in UX/UI design and creative directing, with a focus on market research and managing UX/UI/motion designers. I've successfully overseen projects involving user experience, interface design, and motion graphics.
Since 2012, I have honed my expertise in SEO, SMM, and Marketing, complemented by a degree in PR & Advertising. I excel in optimizing websites for search engines, particularly in achieving top rankings for low-frequency and mid-range queries.
I bring over 12 years of experience in the IT industry.
I have an impressive track record of delivering over 300 successful projects, products, and business cases.
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