To support Ukraine, we sold NFT of the world-famous Coffin Dance meme for 327 ETH ($1M+)

I’m so glad to be a part of the Coffin Dance NFT project and that I was able to contribute to helping my dear homeland Ukraine ??

Coffin Dance Meme as an NFT token sold for 327 ETH ($1,047,806). 25% of this amount which belonged to the Ukrainian organizers has been sent to the Ukrainian charity foundation “Come Back Alive” to help Ukraine in the unprovoked war started by russia.

You can also support Ukraine with any amount of money, even 1 dollar/euro counts!

Here is the link to donate to the charity organization “Come Back Alive”:

And the second largest and verified Ukrainian charity foundation of Serhiy Prytula:

If you are interested in reading a little bit more about this NFT token sale case, then follow this link to get more information.

Written By
Rasim Nadzhafov
Product/Project Manager, Entrepreneur

Only through self-education, flexibility, dynamism, and comprehension of new things you can achieve permanent success.

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